Hand-made custom Jewelry

sharon-bc-001Artfully created by Sharon.

Do you have an idea for a piece of jewelry? Something that fits your style?  Sharon can created it.  Sharon is always so kind to donate to R.R. Inc various types of her creations with a pet theme in mind such as keys chains with paws or zipper pulls with a cat silhouette all unique and made with love.   Her pieces are available at our events or just contact her – be sure to say you found her here and receive a special gift with your purchase.


Political Action for Animals

Marilyn FLOHV 001Do you care what happens to animals ?  Are you concerned for their well -being?  Their humane treatment?  Do you feel that there should be tougher laws enforced for them and their protection?  Do you have concerns and opinions about animal rights that you want to be heard?  This is where to start.  We are part of the Florida League of Humane Voters – we are the voice of the voiceless.  Director Marilyn Weaver is a unwavering voice for them , with over 30 + years working to help protect the lives of ALL animals we share our planet with.  LOHV-FL is strengthen by those who share in the love we have for our animal friends, together we can make a difference in their lives – One Life at a Time.

To become part of the action to help animals contact Marilyn Weaver, say you learned about this great cause from Raffle Rescue’s Lisa’s Pick of the Litter.


Trick Dog “U” Animal Training Academy

Trick Dog 001


Animal family members behaving badly?  Is there a need for socializing with others?  Do they listen to you or ignore you?  Well, aside from the usual adolescent behavior problems, Trick Dog “U” also teaches Trick Dog skills – Therapy Training and and more.

Teacher Trainer Lisa Morrissey has five certifications in the area’s of animal training.  Lisa has been featured with Cesar Milan, on Fox 13 and Tampa Bay News 9 and featured in local news articles, all with excellent reviews and praise.

Schedule your appointment to visit Trick Dog “U” today.  Mention Raffle Rescue’s Pick of the Litter Page and receive a FREE consultation with your animal family member and one private lesson.


PETCO – Where the Pets GO !


Our local Pet Superstore and one of our OFFICIAL DONATION STATIONS !   Petco also recognizes Raffle Rescue Inc as a Partner in their PETCO FOUNDATION – six months out of the year a donation bin is located right at check out for pet food collection for Raffle Rescue to help us feed our communities pets in need,  Raffle Rescue as part of PETCO’S community assistance to local organizations like ours that focus on the well-being, care and welfare of our local animals in need.  Together with others who are doing their parts to ensure animals in our community have shelter, food, care, a forever home and most importantly LOVE from all of the organizations that are working together to build a strong network to make it happen, Raffle Rescue Inc is proud to be part of the PETCO Foundation and joining others in making that happen – One Animal at a Time.


Stop by our local PETCO at http://petco.shoplocal.com/petco/default.aspx?action=entry&pretailerid=-99165&siteid=691&adref=petco_store_locator&storeid=2595529

Say hi to their great team  – tell them you found them on Raffle Rescue’s Lisa’s Pick of the Litter !


Gill Dawg 001

Talk about Pet Friendly Restaurant’s !  At Gill Dawg’s there more animals visiting then people sometimes !  They are super pet friendly, providing bowls of fresh water for your animals and they are welcome anywhere around the facility it’s all outdoors !   You can even rent a kayak and take your pooch for an adventure out on the Gulf of Mexico !   Be sure that your animal family members are friendly, leashed and vaccinated so they can bring you along with them !   Come out to Gill Dawg’s and bring your furry friends and your animal family members for a fun time !


Visit them on Facebook and their website: http://www.Gilldawg.com



Pet SUpplies Plus 001

Service with a SMILE !   Pet Supplies Plus is one of our OFFICIAL DONATION STATIONS !   They offer a great variety of items for pets of all kinds, including horses and chickens !   Pet Supplies Plus staff are courteous and helpful – they will even carry your pet food out to the car for you !   Check out this local pet store we know you’re gonna like what you find there.  Visit their website for their events, vaccination clinic schedule, info on the groom room and more.





Blazing Bean Roasters

Blazing Beans 001  For the coffee lover in YOU!   These folks know their coffee !  And the stories behind what it takes to get it from the growers to your table.  Family owned and operated by Kristen and Paul Motulewicz in Clearwater, Florida.  Visit there web site to learn more about them and where you can purchase in my opinion “The Best Fresh Roasted Coffee I’ve have in a long time!”   and that is coming from a person (me) who treats coffee like some people treat fine wine !  It takes a lot to impress me with a fine cup of joe !   As one of our Pet Partners – when you purchase either their Two Dog Blend or Luna-tic a portion of the proceeds benefits Raffle Rescue !  Read the stories about Two Dog Blend and Luna-tic at: